Got Questions...

...About the chorus?

I’m not a professional singer, may I still join Grace Notes? Most of us are not professional singers. We are women who are drawn to this specific life transition with a desire to bring a sense of peace and calm for the patient and loved ones.

What kinds of songs do you sing?  We sing a wide variety of songs – hymns, chants, show tunes, folk songs and original songs. For each bedside sing we select songs to suit the particular patient’s situation.

What if I can’t make all of the rehearsals? The full group meets once a month. We hope that you will be able to come to most rehearsals, as they are a time to learn new songs and deepen our connection with each other. The more we know each other, the more we sing together, the more we will be able to convey peace and comfort to those for whom we sing. When a bedside sing has been scheduled, that small group meets beforehand to review the selected songs and learn about the patient.

...About the Bedside Sings?

I would like to schedule a bedside sing – may I be present while you sing? Yes! We are happy to have loved ones present while we sing. Sometimes loved ones will sing along with us – our voices blending to bring a sense of calm to all in the room.

How long are your bedside sings? Bedside sings are usually about 20 minutes in length. Because some patients are on the threshold of life and death, our songs are usually simple, gentle, and peaceful. We are open to extending the time if desired and appropriate.

Is there a fee for the bedside singing? There is no fee for the bedside singing. It is an honor for us to do this work. We gratefully accept donations so we may continue to reach out to others who would benefit from our services.

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