We are available in small groups to sing at bedsides in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Our intent is to have a gentle, loving presence – using our voices in song to create an environment of peace and tranquility. We have a wide variety of songs in our repertoire and will gladly consider specific requests.

Schedule Bedside Singing-

If you would like to schedule a group for bedside singing please fill out this online form as completely as you are able. The purpose of this form is to guide us in providing you with an experience that meets your needs. We look forward to being in touch with you and sharing our voices with you and your loved one

"Thank you all so much for your warm hearts and your beautiful singing this evening. It meant so much to Doris and to me. We hope you will come back - it was a healing experience for all those involved." Tricia Kammerer (Comment from a caregiver after a sing)